FTCI coordinates Mr Sal Giambanco meeting with Tibetan entrepreneurs

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Bangalore 26 June: Mr Sal Giambanco, a partner of Omidyar Network (an investment firm established by eBay founder Mr. Plerre Omidyar) California, USA met with Bangalore’s Tibetan entrepreneurs at Tibet Mall and interacted with them on their businesses and shared his expertise in retail management, branding, marketing of products and services.

Before his meeting with Tibetan entrepreneurs, he had an hour meeting with FTCI CEO and staff at FTCI office. Mr Thinley Gyatso, Secretary of DOF, CTA and Mr Tenzin Wangyal, TED Coordinator were also present during the meeting.

The meeting started with brief presentation by FTCI CEO on evolution and objectives of Tibetan cooperative movement, current status of Tibetan cooperatives and FTCI; various socio-economic activities undertaken by Tibetan societies and performance of all Tibetan societies in last few years.

Following FTCI CEO’s presentation, Mr Sal Giambanco began his talk. He firstly expressed his appreciation to FTCI for its effort and endeavour. He went on to stress the importance of diversification of the existing activities and rendering services by societies beyond Tibetan communities in exile. He narrated few success stories of some NGOs in India and in other nations in uplifting the livelihood of poor and socially disadvantaged communities. Arrangement of conference and participation in conference by FTCI for bringing innovation and creativity was among few ideas underlined by him during the interaction.

After his interactive meeting with Tibetan entrepreneurs, he was served a lunch by FTCI at Hotel Tibet Bangalore.

Mr Sal Giambanco meeting with FTCI and Tibetan entrepreneurs in Bangalore was a part of his 4-day tour to Tibetan settlements and stakeholders in South India. His 4-day tour from 23-26 June 2014 was organised by Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED), an initiative of DOF, CTA.