Delhi 27 Sept: FTCI CEO Mr. Tashi Wangdu attended Annual General Meeting of National Cooperative Union of India on 27 Sept 2014 at NCUI auditorium. Meeting was chaired by President Dr. Chandra Pal Singh and more than 150 members from all over India… Read more

Miao 23 Sept: Election of the 11th Board of Directors of Choephelling Tibetan Service Cooperative Society Ltd was conducted on 16th and 18th September 2014. 9 board members were elected as per the society’s byelaw. On the 1st BoDs meeting… Read more

Bangalore 22 Sept: Karnataka Government had declared drought in most its districts for 2012 monsoon. Subsequently, the Government sanctioned drought relief of upto Rs. 25,000 to each family in the form of crop loan waiver. The government also gave… Read more