Mainpat 27 Aug: Of 150 students who applied for Nyamdel Scholarship for the year 2014, 91 students were found to be eligible for the scholarship. During the inaugural function of 14th Annual Conference of 15 cooperative societies held at Mainpat… Read more

Mainpat 27 Aug: Over 75 Tibetan co-operators including Chairmen and Secretaries of 15 co-operatives, managers and staff of Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India Ltd., met Monday for the 14th annual conference of Tibetan cooperatives in… Read more

Mainpat 25 August:  Mr Ngawang Yeshi of Kollegal Dhondenling Tibetan settlement was honoured Tibetan Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014 during inaugural function of 14th Annual Conference of Tibetan co-operatives, held at Mainpat settlement held… Read more