New CEO assumed the responsibility:

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Bangalore 10th January : Following the successful handing and taking over of files, financial statements and assets between the outgoing CEO Mr Tashi Wangdu and new CEO Mr Tenzin Yega, in the presence of the witnesses on 9th and 10th January, 2016, an official function was held on 10th January, 2016.


Before the function, the new and outgoing CEO prostrated and offered a scarf to HH the Dalai Lama’s portrait. Subsequently, FTCI Seals, letterhead and CEO chair were handed over to new CEO.


The function then started at hall on the 2nd floor in the presence of Chief Representative, South Zone, Banglore, Settlement Officers, FTCI Chairman, FTCI Board Members, CEOs of 5 cooperatives, representatives of Bangalore based NGOs and FTCI staff members.


Traditional sweet rice and tea was served in the beginning, followed by address from the witness and greeting to both the new and outgoing CEOs by the guests.


Mr Tashi Wangdu briefly addressed about the financial position of FTCI and its units till 31st Dec 2015. He highlighted on the new business ventures started in FTCI during his tenure as CEO and thanked all for the support and cooperation. He also wished a success for FTCI specially during the tenure of new CEO Mr Tenzin Yega.


Mr Tenzin Yega underlined about the need of support and cooperation from his colleagues and board members. He further requested for advice and guidance from the outgoing CEO from time to time and called for support and assistance from settlement officers. He also expressed his willingness to put all his effort and potential for the success of FTCI.


FTCI Chairman then remarked that during the 5 years service, there were many innovative business activities started by Tashi Wangdu la and he wished him all the best for his future endeavor and called for the similar support and cooperation from the staff as given to the out going CEO.


Mr Tashi Wangdu la was then presented a Buddha statue as memento from FTCI and Tara statue as memento from Chief Representative, South Zone Bangalore and 5 Representative settlement offices.


The function ended with an official lunch.