FTCI Head Office wraps up training on Organization structure and accounting practices

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Bangalore 22 Jan:  Mr Tenzin Dakpa, FTCI CAO has finished training to Tibetan students undergoing Higher Diploma in Co-operative Management on budgetary preparation and control of Tibetan cooperative societies as per FTCI manual at RICM Bangalore on 18th February 2013. Besides budgetary management, he spoke on cash flow management and taxation keeping in view the accounting and financial management practices of Tibetan cooperative.

Mr Tenzin Yega, FTCI Deputy CEO talked on Bye-laws of cooperative societies and Bye-laws of FTCI to the students two weeks earlier. His season mainly covered on certain provisions and acts in Bye-laws which are of most relevance to Tibetan cooperative societies in its operation.

This series of training program was commenced on 30th October 2012 with Mr Tashi Wangdu, FTCI CEO giving an overview of FTCI and its 15 Tibetan cooperative societies.

He initially began by explaining about evolution of cooperative and background of Tibetan cooperatives and later switched on to explain about Tibetan cooperative’s operation, scope, milestones and challenges. His talk on cooperative and its functionality was given from the perspective of Tibetan community with the chief aim to enable and prepare the students to work with much ease in Tibetan cooperative and its respective settlement.

HDCM is a nine-month intensive course  jointly organized by DOH, CTA and FTCI for 9 Tibetan students at Regional Institute of Co-operative Management. After completion of the course in March 2013, the students will be posted either as Tibetan cooperative Secretary or Accountant.