ftci-bylakuppe-officeFederation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India Ltd started its unit at Bylakuppe named FTCI Trading Co. in October 2011. Within the premises has its office building of double storey and one godown having capacity to store 2500 metric ton of maize.

The branch mainly does trading business without hampering to the local Cooperatives. It purchase corn during less prevailing market rate from local Indian and store for few months in the godown to sell when able to fetch better market rate.

This unit procures agriculture produce from Tibetan farmers and local farmers, store the produce and sells to buyers when the price rises. The unit always strives to give best price to farmers, which in turn prevent the private companies from fixing fixed price. This units procures over 2 Million Kg of maize in year for sales.

ftci-godown-bylakuppeApart from its main activity, this unit delivers service of member deposit to twin settlements of Bylakuppe.

At present the unit has 5 staffs to render the service.

UPCOMING:  Under FTCI Trading Co., incense activity will be commenced shortly to provide service to the community, create employment opportunity and source of income generating to the unit.

Address :
TCS Building, Old First Camp, Bylakuppe-571104
Email : ftcibylakuppe@gmail.com         Tel : 08223 252021