Rural BPO coming soon in Bylakuppe

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Bangalore 27 Jan: FTCI called on a meeting with Tibetan Professionals in BPO Call centers in Bangalore on Sunday 27 January 2013 at Hotel Tibet, Bangalore.  A meeting on how to set up and generate business for BPO/Call Centre in Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement was attended by 15 experienced corporate employees including 4 Indian. Most of them having over 5 years experience in BPO firms and some of them even hold Marketing Officer and Deputy Manager Post.

FTCI CEO Mr Tashi Wangdu initially apprised them about FTCI, its units and the objectives of establishing BPO in the settlement followed by brainstorming discussion on the need of outsourcing feasible and achievable services for Tibetan community from big companies for BPO.

An issue concerning the necessity of infrastructure and manpower for BPO beforehand was discussed in-depth. (Conventional way of starting BPO is to have infrastructure and manpower in place before getting clients)

According to some of them, starting non-voice process at the initial stage is realisable in the view of less sophistication and less level of expertise involved in it. An idea of having Tibetan language option in customer service of mobile SIM card services and a service similar to Justdial in Tibetan language came up in the meeting.

Rural BPO in Bylakuppe TIBET INFOTECH SOLUTIONS will have initially 30 workstations aimed to generate employment and increase living standard. Besides voice and non-voice services of BPO, this center will also cater services like translation from Tibetan to English or vice-versa and digitization,  transcribing of teachings, talks and medicals , designing of books, brochures and 3D animations.