Orissa Tibetan Settlement Co-operative society issue

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FTCI CEO visited the Orissa Tibetan Settlement Co-operative society on July 27 and 28 and spoke to share members to clarify on the ongoing issue and requested ARCs to appoint interim committee headed by Representative of the Tibetan settlement. CEO also requested ARCs to give government notification for election of BoDs. On 3rd August, ARCs appointed Representative as requested.

On 13th April, a former chairman of Orissa Co-operative Society complained to ARCs, Parlkhemundi about the unauthorized election of the 14th BoDs and requested for a need to form an enquiry committee.

On 19th May 2011, ARCS investigator visited the society and after going through records, books of account and enquiry, ARCs sought clarification on 12 points finding and observation. On 6th June, the society sent clarification on 12 points. However on 3rd July, ARCs dissolved the 14th BoDs and Mr. Rao, a staff of ARCs was appointed as an administrator.