Mundgod Cooperative Society Celebrates Golden Jubilee Anniversary

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Distinguished Guests pose for group picture on the dais

Mundgod 4th August 2017: Mundgod Cooperative Society today commemorated its 50th founding anniversary at settlement’s community hall.

Kasur Gyari Dolma graced over the function as a Chief Guest. Other distinguished guests present at the occasion were Health Kalon KunNgoe Choekyong Wangchuk, Tibetan Parliamentarian Chetue Pema Delek, Chetue Geshe Pendhey, Chetue Lobsang Dakpa, Bangalore Chief Representative KuNoge Choephel Thupten, Settlement Officer KuNgoe Jigme, FTCI CEO Tenzin Yega, Local People’s Assembly Chairman, CST School Rector & Principal, Cooperative Development Officer, Mundgod, Representatives of various monasteries and NGOs.

Over 700 share members attended at the community hall to mark the 50th anniversary.

While welcoming all the distinguished guests and share members, the society’s CEO Tenzin Gyurmey la presented financial statement of the society for the year 2016-17. Later Namgyal Tsering la, Chairman of the society presented annual report and presented the dignitaries with Memento.

Chief Guest Kasur Gyari Dolma lights a butter lamp at the start of the function

In her inaugural speech, Kasur Gyari Dolma foremostly congratulated Mundgod cooperative society for completing 50 years of community services. She spoke briefly about significance of cooperative societies in Tibetan community, and its inception in 1960s and 1970s.

Health Kalon KuNgoe Choekyong Wangchuk during his address commented on CTA’s “Five-Fifty Strategy” and informed about the Special Meeting that will be convened by CTA in coming October to deliberate on CTA’s Five-Fifty Strategy.

Chithue Pema Delek began his speech by narrating about emergence of cooperative model of economy in the world in 18th century and in India in early 20th century.

He then switched on to inception of Tibetan Cooperative movement and the transition which happened in the year 2002 and 2003 and subsequent guidelines ༼དམིགས་ཚད་དོན་ཚན་བདུན་དང་སྐུལ་འདེབས་དོན་ཚན་ཉི་ཤུ་རྩ་བཞི་༽ framed by DOH, CTA under the 12th Kashag with the primary objective of making Tibetan cooperative society self-reliant and sustainable.

The parliamentarian lauded the effort and hard work of all the former staff members and elderly share members who overcome many challenges especially during difficult period for the proper functioning and development of the society.

He said, “the former staff and the current staff of society don’t get much benefits after retirement from society’s job but they have a pride of having spent the best part of their life in the society and having served their community through cooperative activities.” He asked the current and former staff of the cooperative society to never get disheartened and keep continuing with their hard work.”

Chithue Pema Delek noted that cooperative society as a business organisation should not only focus only on making revenue and profit but also make every effort to serve the interest of their share members.

He hailed the cooperative society’s board members for timely distribution of share dividend to its members until March 2016. He further appreciated the rise in budget proposed amount of the society by approximately Rs 200 lakhs in the current year as compared to previous the year. He said increase in budget amount of the society indicates more activities and works to be executed by society in the current year.

Chithue Pema Delek further said that unlike other Tibetan societies in Karnataka, Mundgod cooperative has received huge sum of crop loan at zero percent from the state government for the last few years.

He cited that, “In the year 2016-17, the society has given Rs 286 lakhs crop loan at zero percent interest rate. If all the people in settlement engage themselves in agriculture farming then approximately Rs 500 lakhs crop loan can be given by the society at zero percent interest rate in the settlement.”

The parliamentarian went on to highlight that, “In the year 2006-07, of Rs 384 lac of loan waiver from the State Government for Tibetan farmers through Tibetan cooperatives, Mundogd cooperative society received more than Rs 100 lakh loan waiver. Similarly, in the year 2012-13, of Rs 384 lac of loan waiver from the State Government for the Tibetan farmers through Tibetan cooperative societies, Mundogd cooperative society received over Rs 100 lakhs loan waiver. This year again the State Government is giving loan waiver and approximately Rs 500 lakhs will be sanctioned for all 5 Tibetan cooperative societies in Karnataka. The aforesaid amount is to be distributed entirely to the farmers and shall not be allowed and accounted as a revenue or income for the societies”

He urged the share members to take active part in the society’s affair, avail maximum services from the society and shoulder more responsibilities.

Mrs Rinchen Dolma, a board member of the society thanked the distinguished guests and reflected on the important points said by distinguished speakers.

The celebration was marked with honoring of all the former camp leaders, former staff, distribution of cash amount Rs 25,000 to each of the camp and distribution of cash amount Rs 5,000 each to all 51 students as a scholarship.

Prizes was also distributed for 20 share members who contributed to the society by making maximum purchase from the society’s shops and by availing services from society’s cement block, fabrication and tractor service in the year 2016-17.

In the evening before the end of the program, local leaders were invited to draw 20 lucky share member’s name from the box and those 20 lucky share members were awarded with prizes.

Doeguling Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd, Mundgod was established in the year 1966. It was registered under Karnataka Co-operative Society Act, on 30 November 1967. At present, it has 4,200 share members and 32 staff. Some of its business activities include Building Centre, Consumer Store Section, Handicraft Section, Drinking Water Section, Public Distribution Section, Tractor Cum Workshop Section, Agricultural Section, Cable TV Network Section and Xerox Shop.

Share Members of Mundgod Cooperative Society at 50th Anniversary