Global Tibetan Entrepreneurship Conference declares to form Tibetan Entrepreneurship Fund

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Mundgod 31 Dec: Global Tibetan Entrepreneurship Conference wraps up with a declaration to form Tibetan Entrepreneurship Fund and hold this conference annually. Mr. Vasu of Intellecap in his expert session trained participants in making a good business plan.

Tsering Dekey’s events and business listing website launched at the conference and also showcase her startup business for investment. Other two business showcases are Scrap Dealer Dorjee Palden and Monastery painter Tashi Tsering.

Dorjee Dewatsang, an architect and book publisher and Shimla Tenzin, an architect and owner of Tenzin hospital shared their views on best practices of doing business, while Gyanor Tsewang of HIMS school, Sangpo Tenzin of MT language school, Lobsang Monlam of Monlam Bhodyig and Dorjee Palden, Scrap dealer talks about social entrepreneurship, its impact and importance to the community.

TED of Department of Finance and Home Department of Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan Chamber of Commerce and FTCI introduces new and existing resources for entrepreneurs. TED and FTCI also presented a study on the status of Tibetan Entrepreneurs in India.

Empowering the Vision Project granted Rs. 25,000 each to Tashi Tsering, Painter, Tsering Dekey, founder of and Dorjee Palden, Scrap dealer. Two-day conference ends with the following declarations.

Declaration of the Global Tibetan Entrepreneurship Conference 2014 held in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement on 30 and 31 Dec 2014

  1. This conference declared to create a Tibetan Entrepreneurship Fund to receive funds and to help needy Tibetan entrepreneurs.
  2. This Conference also declared to form the Bharkor Forum for Tibetan Entrepreneurs.
  3. It has unanimously agreed that Tibetan Entrepreneurs should help each other in sharing resources, experience and fund.
  4. It has also declared that through this conference, we appeal to all the Tibetan entrepreneurs to follow business ethic and Fairtrade policy.
  5. It has also declared that the Global Tibetan Entrepreneurship conference should be organized annually.

Fund received for TEF setting up and to support Tibetan Entrepreneurs through loan

  • TEF raised Rs. 146,000 for setup and Rs. 250,000 to finance.
  • TEF to finance Rs. 200,000 to Dorjee Palden (Scrap Dealer) at agreed interest rate.