FTCI participates in the 7th International Conference on Cooperatives in Noida

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Noida 13 Nov: FTCI CEO Tashi Wangdu who had been appointed earlier as Joint Secretary/ Coordinator of the 7th International Conference on Cooperatives, participated in the conference. The conference was jointly organized by National Federation of Tourism and Transport Cooperatives in India (NFTC) and National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) at Marwa Studio in Noida from 11th to 13th  Nov 2014 coinciding with 125 birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, First Indian Prime Minister and Father of the Indian Cooperative movement with a theme “Conservation of earth through global Cooperative principles”. The Conference was attended by hundreds of veteran cooperators and enthusiast youths from all over the world.

Day one of Conference was graced by Honorable Padmabhushan Shri  Shivajiraodada Giridhar Patil ji, Ram Iqbal Singh, President of National Federation of Tourism and Transport Cooperatives in India, Dr. Subhash Goyal, President of IATO and Dr. Daman Prakash, former Director of International Cooperative Alliance among other dignitaries.

Day two was graced by Dr. Chandrapal Singh Yadav, Member of Parliament and President of NCUI, Mr. V. K. Patel, Chairman of KRIBHCO, Dr. Dinesh Mishra, Chief Executive of NCUI and so on.

Day three was graced by Mrs. Tara Gandhi, grand daughter of Mahatma Gandhi, Mrs. Kamma Kashyap Sharma, Deputy Director, Co-operatives, Government of India, Mr. W. H. Rizvi, Executive Director of National Co-operative Development Corporation (NCDC), Mr. Subash Gupta, MD of National Federation of Urban Co-operative banks and Credit societies.

FTCI CEO Tashi Wangdu made presentation on Tibetan Cooperative movement in India and FTCI export unit showcase Tibetan handicrafts at the exhibition center.

India has more than 250 Million Co-operative share members in 625,000 co-operative societies. Cooperative week begins from 14 Nov.

day 1 International Conference on Cooperatives
day 1 of International Conference on Cooperatives FTCI CEO making presentation on Tibetan Cooperative movement
day 2 International conference oncooperatives
day 2 of International Conference on Cooperatives FTCI CEO Tashi Wangdu being welcome with bouquet

day 3 International conference oncooperatives
day 3 International Conference on Cooperatives  NFTC VC Mr. Suresh Sharma presenting memento to FTCI CEO Tashi Wangdu