FTCI gives relief fund to Tibetan farmers in South India

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Bylakuppe Mar 27: FTCI has donated Rs. one Lakh each to Mundgod and Kollegal Tibetan farmers through their respective co-operative society to help relieve and support the farmers. This donation is given in the view of difficulty faced by farmers due to excessive rainfall and scarce rainfall. In 2011, Mundgod farmers received excessive and continues rainfall because of which their cultivable land were turned into muddy land. Due to this heavy and constant rainfall, over 90% of farmers couldn’t cultivate rice in 2011. During the rainfall period, farmers tried to sow rice 3 times but failed.

In Kollegal, there was a scare rainfall during delayed monsoon period this year. The overall yield was very low as compared to earlier. The yield varied from farmers to farmers and the highest yield was 50% while some farmer did not get yield at all.  This yield variation among farmers is due to location of the farmers’ land. Camps located at eastern side of the settlement received very less rainfall whereas camps located at southern side received slightly more rainfall.

All the agriculture based Tibetan settlements are located in rain-fed areas. Farmers have no irrigation facilities and they have to depend only on monsoon rain. The agriculture farming is the main source of income of these farmers. FTCI earnestly appeal all the individual and institutional donors to donate the farmers of the aforementioned settlements.