Employees of Tibetan Coops to contribute one-day salary to Odisha Phuntsokling farmers

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Bangalore 27 Nov. More than 800 employees of Tibetan Cooperatives will be contributing their one-day salary to Odisha Phuntsokling Tibetan settlement farmers to show solace and to render needed relief for the huge devastation caused on settlement agriculture crop by recent Cyclone Plailin.

Agriculture is a main source of income for Tibetan living in Odishasettlement. This is the second consecutive year the settlement farmers have faced hardship in agriculture farming.  In the year 2012-13, certain local miscreant prevented settlement farmers from growing crop which eventually led to non-cultivation of crop for whole season/year.  The recent Cyclone Plailin is said to have destroyed over 90 percent of standing crops grown in the settlement. The cyclone caused huge loss for farmers and co-operative society as farmers had invested substantial loan amount received from bank and cooperative Society on fertilizer, labour, seeds and other agriculture inputs.

FTCI head office will donate Rs. 2 Lakhs as relief fund to the farmers through Odisha Cooperative Society.

FTCI has advised Odisha Tibetan Cooperative to apply for grants and subsidies assured by the State Government. FTCI will assist and guide the society in getting the grants on time. We appeal international community particularly Tibetans all over the world to contribute for the relief fund of Tibetan farmers in Odisha.

PHOTO: Standing crop being destroyed by cyclcone

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