CEO Tashi Wangdu concludes month-long tour

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Bangalore 23 Nov: FTCI CEO Tashi Wangdu on 22nd November concluded his month-long speaking tour in North India, USA and Europe where he addressed on building self-reliant Tibetan Community and investment opportunities in FTCI’s upcoming projects including Dekyi Khangsar apartment in Bangalore. Mr. Tashi met Tibetan communities in Delhi, Dehradun and Dharamsala to discuss about the above developmental programmes of FTCI. He also visited Dehradun settlement’s site to see the feasibility of building apartments and villas.

He paid a visit to Lucern in Switzerland and Culemborg in Netherland to revive and increase export business sale with FTCI Delhi Export Unit buyers (Fair Trade). He then travelled to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich and Zurich. In each of these capitals, he interacted with Tibetan communities on FTCI’s projects and ways to achieve self-reliance in Tibetan community.

Mr Tashi was in USA for three weeks, most of the time meeting and speaking about building self-reliant Tibetan community, FTCI’s investment plan, formation of Tibetan Co-operative Society in USA and creation of Community Fund to facilitate and support scholarship for Tibetan youths in India.

Meeting with Tibet Fund’s Executive Director Mr. Lobsang Nyandak took place in New York. During the meeting, they mainly discussed on upcoming joint project “Tibet Infotech Solutions (Rural BPO)”. In the same city, he had engagement with members of newly formed Tibetan Chamber of Commerce branch, several potential investors & business partners and Tibetan community members. In Boston, besides meeting with Tibetan community members, he had meeting with Mr. Joe, board member of Tibet Fund and Mr. Arthur Holcombe, President, The Poverty Alleviation Fund.

His later part of USA tour include visit to Minnesota, Washington DC and San Francisco where he addressed and interacted with Tibetan community members. In Washington DC, he sat for an interview with VOA Kunleng and Radio Free Asia’s webtv. He also met Gyari Rinpoche, Advisor of FTCI in Washington DC and apprised him about FTCI’s new development and projects.

RFA interview:

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