Bhandara society revives handicraft units

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On 25th July, Bhandara  society inaugurated two handicraft centres located at camp no. 1 and camp no. 2. Mr Sheik Yusuf Aamir, ARCs was present during the occasion for inauguration. Also present during the occasion were Local Assembly Chairman, Board of Directors, camp leaders and settlement people.


The opening of these two handicrafts centres facilitated the society in employing 16 weavers from the settlement. More weavers are expected to join the centres during February and March next year.


These two centres were closed for last 3 years. Revival of these centres enabled the society to reuse Rs 1.44 lakhs worth of woolen stocks and Rs 10 lakhs worth of machinery which has remained idle since the closure of the centre.


Since the centres are located within the camps, the weavers need not travel much from their residence to centers.


People of the settlement appreciated the effort of the society for reopening the handicraft centers. The society has decided to increase the pay of the weavers from Rs 44.33/sq ft to Rs 84.33 sq ft.